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100% Brazilian company
— Absolute leader in the sector

Absolute leader in the taxi management and dispatch market for taxi fleets, the company celebrated in 2016 its first 10 years, with exclusive performance in this sector. In 2019 we process millions of trips made through our partners. Throughout this period, we have built the most solid network of national and international partners to allow our clients to offer the most modern technology and quality in meeting the needs of their passengers and companies. We create systems contemplating the optimal manner to serve passengers, without neglecting the needs of cooperatives and taxi companies, while always valuing the human aspects, honesty and ethics.

Our work methods

Counting on an experienced team of engineers and developers, with over 20 years of experience, we constantly improve the system’s processes and tools in a practical and simple manner.

Our mission

Develop and implement integrated systems that are complete, practical and simple to operate.

Our values

Ethics, respect, honesty, competence, integrity, excellence, innovation, and social responsibility.

Táxi GOV

TAXI GOV, created in 2017, is a transport service for servers, employees and collaborators of the Federal Executive, on trips to the Federal District, with transportation made through Taxi and via bidding process.

Since its implementation, it has generated savings of 65% compared to the previous model, which used its own or rented cars. To date, more than 17,000 servers and employees have used the service, exceeding 450,000 runs. The evaluation is positive: grade 4.9, out of a maximum of five. The average waiting time is less than six minutes.

The initiative was one of the winners of the 22nd Innovation Competition of the National School of Public Administration (Enap), in the category “Organizational processes in the Federal Executive Branch”. The award was presented in August 2018.

Original Software is the only company tested and approved to provide the Taxi Gov 3.0 platform, according to process SRP No. 01/2019 - Central de Compras - UASG 201057, always using Taxi as a service provider.

All public agencies in the 3 spheres of power can benefit from the control and management resources provided by Original Software. If you are a public servant or Radio Taxi, and want to know more about Taxi Gov 3.0, contact us at 011 36608899, comercial@originalsoftware.com.br or from hi to WhatsApp.

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